A beautiful house in the outskirts, amidst the nature, modern amenities, excellent specifications and what else can be defined as a perfect house?

Godrej Nurture

Godrej Nurture apartments with spacious 2 BHK and 3 BHK with maximum open spaces within the property and feasibility in reach to any part of the city with the Outer Ring Road and major cities with state and national highways. Providing each and every needed essential proves the significance of the property.

Godrej Nurture, Godrej Nurture Noida

Godrej Nurture

Godrej commenced in the year 1897, and is now in the hearts of the customers. It started with consumer goods, agri-care, electronic home appliances, security and real estate and is now leading amongst the whole set of competitors. Its successful projects not only earned 1.1 billion customers overseas but also earned a lifelong goodwill.

Godrej Nurture Noida, Godrej Nurture Sector 150, Godrej Nurture Sector 150 Noida

Godrej Nurture Noida

Easy-sailing location of Godrej Nurture

The location of Godrej Nurture with 2 BHK and 3 BHK is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201310 is very near to the national capita Delhi, rather to its own state capital Lucknow. 40kms drive on a wide Outer Ring Road with no traffic nuisance is the easiest way to reach to any employment zone and commercial spaces. But there are many developed office zones, schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, restaurants and fun zone and every essential in the very nearby locality. Delhi Metro Blue line is also near to the property and the public transport frequency is being increasing in parallel to the demand.

Godrej Nurture - Luxurious Apartment in Noida, Godrej Nurture Apartments in Noida,Goderj Nurture Noida, Godrej Nurture Sector 150 Noida

Godrej Nurture – Luxurious Apartment in Noida

Luxurious specifications of Godrej Nurture

The specifications of the property can be said as the luxurious and the ideal ones as well. In a country like India where Vaastu is given high priority in any construction, Godrej allotted its places for the kitchen, living rooms and bed rooms only after considering the Vaastu and the placement of rooms according to the Vaastu directions. Well spacious and ventilated rooms are been designed with the best colors and the finishing of the walls is the ultimatum. An impression of palace with affordable luxuries is the feeling Godrej Nurture wants to create for the residents. So the palace will be made perfect with these stunning specifications like:

  • Imported Italian Marble: It not only gives a rich look, but also chosen because they want to ensaparture anti-skid and comfort zone.
  • High-end sanitary fitting: Not only the living rooms, but also the water closets and the bathrooms are give a touch of perfection.
  • Kitchen fully fitted: The kitchen and dining are implemented with the modern kitchen and its own space allotment for the kitchen appliance.
  • Walk-in wardrobe: Along with all the specifications, this walk-in wardrobe is going to be the highlighting which is being provided.
  • VRV and VRF AC apartments: Variable Refrigerant Volume and Variable Refrigerant Flow are the technologies which are allowed to change according to the room temperature and this also one of the specifications of this property.

    Godrej Nurture Specifications, Godrej Nurture Apartments

    High Specifications of Godrej Nurture Apartments

Additionally, there are also other provisions like 24 hours CCTV surveillance, 100% power back up and water supply, maintenance departments for the respective category.

World class amenities

Concluding without stating the amenities is an incomplete work. The amenities provided in the Godrej Nurture apartment are going to match the present trend and choices and also the world class level amenities. Along with the common provisions like swimming pool and jogging track, there are also luxurious club, basketball court, café and restaurant, bowling alley, massage therapies, Jacuzzi, card room, snooker, porter on call, music room and dance academy and many more new creations are being involved in this property and to grab this wonderful property, there are pre-launching offers as well. Hurry up!

Godrej Nurture Amenities

Godrej Nurture Amenities




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