Home renovation is an important option that lets buyer save some part of investment on the property. The home renovation is an affordable option to give a new look and feel to your existing home. With the DIYs ideas, the designers consider Home renovation as a project and make a home into the new home. It is important to have a clear idea before heading to renovate the home and make sure you have completely decided to opt for renovating the property without any myths about giving the new look.

Lack of planning and without the knowledge on know-how procedures and permits the modernizing or repairing option will land you in a disaster. Failure during renovation will lead to waste of all resources, time and budget involved and will turn up into a messy state.

Myths of giving face-lift

People get into renovation the home thinking the future use of the property. Some of the misconceptions people usually have while giving the face-lift to the property are:

The Property will get more value while selling

It is an utter false opinion people have while renovating the property. Property selling price purely depends on the market value and the appreciation of the property in that area.

Permits are not necessary

Obtaining the Permits may take some of your valuable time and money, but staring the renovation project can cause disturbance to the neighbours and when they report it may turn into a un-permitted work or offence.

DIY’s can be cheaper

DIY’s may be an affordable option, but it can create health hazards when the contaminants or circulating dust occupy the entire home for a while or till the project is done. Sometime when DIY’s fails to fix things then it might turn up as an expensive project with loads of investment without proper result.

Repairs are cheaper than replacement

To bring in the budget solution sometimes people land up in the situation where the problem is not completely fixed. They do repairs and fix things temporarily and land up in a permanent damage to the property. Replacing the faulty will save time and energy.

Swimming pool a value add

Not every buyer prefer to have the swimming pool, some feel it’s a big task to maintain the water, recycle the water and maintain hygiene. Some people do not prefer to have a pool as per Vaastu. Amount and time involved in maintaining the pool is high and is sometimes an un-preferred option.

Trending design

New Designs come and go in the market, people prefer to buy what they really need. The design and trend which you apply today on your property will turn old by the time you sell. Be practical and apply ideas.

To have a permanent stop to all the renovation head-aches, Concorde group have come up with their exclusive branded luxurious homes Concorde Mayfair in the prime area of Bangalore in Medahalli.

Have a Home in Concorde Mayfair, Medahalli

Concorde Mayfair is ready to launch project developed by the top developer The Concorde Group. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli has 1 Bhk, 2.5 Bhk and 3 Bhk abodes with different configurations to choose according to your need. The project is spread over 2.5 acres of land and is 100% Vaastu compliant project for an awesome stay. Concorde Mayfair Medahalli project provides a well-equipped  gymnasium, jogging track and swimming pool to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Rainwater harvesting facility is set up in the premises to make the right use of rainwater.


Concorde Mayfair is a new residential project in Medahalli Bangalore.

Concorde Mayfair


Concorde Mayfair Medahalli is an RCC framed structure with anti-skid tiles flooring for the safety and comfort of the inmates. Round the clock, Power Backup facility is provided for the residents for their comfort. 24X7 security through CCTV monitoring is extended for the safety of the inhabitants. Reserved car parking facility is provided for the hassle free parking and lifts are set up in for the effortless movement. Premium high standard sanitary fittings are used in the toilets and bathroom for the enhanced durability. Concorde Mayfair housing project is an ideal choice if you are looking to invest in property in Bangalore.

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