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Residence is an important part as its the main stay for any individual. There is a lot of debate on which residence will serve the best, own or rented. A primary residence that to permanent is a lot more than what an individual can get from rented apartments.  Moreover, if an individual wants to have a good investment, then owing a residential property that to in primary location will be a prior option. Now if given an option owing a property is always a better option but rented apartments also comes up with there enigma.

Rent V/s Own Property

Rent V/s Own Property

Pros And Cons of Own Property v/s Rented Property

Owning a house is an aspiration for many. Even more, owning a property carries its own sentimental value. Bangalore has attracted realtors and residents from various parts around the country. First off, Bangalore enjoys amazing weather throughout the year and provides impressive employment opportunities in the IT sector. Moreover than this Bangalore is synced to be amazingly developed for which individuals find it optimum to invest in a subtle residential property which will be decent and the ROI irrespective of its output will be pretty handsome. Brigade Parkside East by Brigade Groups is one such project that really can be an answer to all the queries that might rise before buying a property.

First, Brigade Parkside East strategically located at Sarjapur Road in Bangalore. Sarjapur Road is well connected to three major roads Ambalipura-Attibelle -ORR for which its easy to get any kind of convinces.

Second, The location gives a subtle kind of feel to the investors because of its surroundings and availability of resources be it of any kind.

Third, The proximity of Sarjapur Road is on high stream for which various IT hubs, commercial spaces, recreational clubs, medical emergency units, administrative units, stay inn are located within close radius.

Estimated Rise for Rent V/s Buy

Estimated Rise for Rent V/s Buy

Residents are now gradually transitioning effectively from living as tenants to real-time home owners. The market has noticed a trend where residents are purchasing properties in and around Bangalore and giving them on rent for that extra income.

Perks And Advantages For Renting Out Your Own Property

Real estate investments are long-term in nature. Residents should take their own time to come to such crucial decisions. Once a resident has decided to own a house, it is important to conclude whether to occupy it immediately or to look for tenants for an extra income.

For instance, Sarjapur is in close proximity to some of the renowned IT parks that houses more than 30% of Bangalore’s working population. In this case, renting out your own property can reap great rewards as home owners can find it easy to look for profitable tenants. It is important that home owners plan their strategies carefully. The real estate market is never stable and keeps fluctuating depending on the location of the property and other variables.

Residents should make sure they give the property on rent when the market is uprising. Looking for tenants when the market isn’t performing as expected can lead to minimal returns in the near future. On the contrary, as a tenant, residents can move out of the property without paying any penalty if the lease of the house ends as it is not self-owned. However, if the landlord plans on selling the house, tenants have to move without any notice which can be tedious. Another aspect that should be kept in mind is that as home owners, residents can bump up the rent of their property based on surrounding developments and neighborhood property appreciation.

Plan Better And Invest Smarter

It takes time and effort to come to investment decisions. Owning a house is a life-long commitment as it saves up for the future. Investing in emerging locations as early as possible is profitable as initial prices are nominal. Residents should be smart enough to gather up on such opportunities and make the most of the money that is being invested.

Brigade Parkside East Full View

Brigade Parkside East Full View

For instance, Brigade Parkside East is an affordable priced residential property and individual who are ready to invest can come to the site for periodic visits so they understand property development from the conceptualization until completion. They can even have a real-time experience of the amenities that are devised to establish long-lasting relationships for future business prospects. A drawback in settling in your own house is that you would have to shell out your hard-earned money for repairs and maintenance that are subtle at first, however, together the expense is huge. This turns into an advantage if you are staying as a tenant as the landlord takes care of the above-mentioned expenses.

Unpredictability V/s Certainty

There is always uncertainty that sets in the minds of homeowners as they wouldn’t know what the future holds for them. As a tenant, its never permanent. Tenants can stay for a while and shift based on their convenience. However, as a homeowner, land depreciation can lead to low incomes and returns on initial investments. In such cases, selling their home isn’t a feasible option either as finding prospective buyers are hard to find and negotiate with.

Brigade Parkside East Interior

Brigade Parkside East Interior

There are additional expenses involved if homeowners are frequent travelers. They have to make sure they are in constant touch with plumbers and interior designers for renovation purposes. Homeowners in such cases end up paying more than they originally anticipated. Brigade Parkside East is getting configured for 1BHK and 2BHK for an standard sizes without any hidden cost. So its better to invest and get your possession before its two late.

So, its always better to invest in our own home because it will give the optimum benefits and will always be yours. Even in dire scenario you can sell it and gain the break even profit.If you are already planning for Brigade Parkside East by Brigade Groups, the hurry up!!!!!! Only 282 units are available that to in an affordable priced in such a prime location of Sarjapur Road Bangalore.

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Brigade Parkside East in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore by Brigade Groups from u/realestateinindia

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